Monday, December 12, 2011

Glitter and Cakes

What have I been up to of late you might be asking yourself.. Glancing through my most recent photos it seems I havent been doing much more than doing art projects and making lots and lots of cakes! I guess its true. Realizing that getting my latrine project started before Christmas holidays begin would be a crazy idea, I have taken time to enjoy small projects with my girls group and enjoy the slow pace of life before the craziness sets in once latrines are being built. We have scheduled to begin the first week of January. I really hope that happens.

So I have been super pleased with the three girls I brought to the Chicas Brillantes conference last month. They show up rain or shine and when I had to cancel class on Saturday due to excessive vomiting, they even came back to make sure I was alive later in the day.

So these first few pictures were taken at my house yesterday. I decided we should make a cake because nothing makes any Dominican happier than learning how to make bizcocho and eating bizcocho! We also read some books and planned our Christmas party that we are having next weekend, which I am positive will entail more cake
This first pic is of my girls striking typical "sexy" poses with the bizcocho in my house

Next we have the bizcocho: The girls used a strawberry juice packet and lots of sugar to make their version of strawberry frosting: it was as sweet as it looks :)

Pamela, one of my favorite chicas, with her hair in rollers, making her twice as tall as she normally is!

Enjoying the new books in Spanish that got donated from Scholastic

Carla making christmas cards last week for her family with the required GLITTER!

The chicas and I at the Chicas Brillantes conference in Santiago.

Ok, so I promised photos of the wedding cake I made for my friends several weeks ago. Unfortunately I dont have any of the finished product because the wedding was the next day and the neighbors were going to assemble it as I had to leave town early in the day. This was the top chocolate layer. Just so everyone knows, this cake was just for the bride and groom. They had a store bought cake for the guests.

Bright blue homemade frosting, to match the....

bride and groom figurine! as I said, when I was at the store purchasing the figurine I got ahead of myself and thought normal size wedding cake and bought the biggest one they had...too big! I also yelled at the owner for only having gringo figurines. Where are the morenos? indios? where are the dark skinned bride and groom?

The homemade campo cake before the icing...

A photo of the bateye near my house, Jaramillo, where my friends Kimberly and Andreas have been doing ethnographic field work, studying the Haitian banana workers lives.

The sole Dominican who has remained in town since the Haitians moved in. She and her husband run the colmado or corner store.

A peacock!

The photo wall in my house. Pics of home, family and friends that keeps me sane.

Blue, sharing my lethargic sentiments: hot and sweaty day in the campo

A dona and her prize fighting rooster!